Stay In Power.

You like to be prepared. From a hurricane to a snowstorm, a tailgating party to a construction site – you want the power on. Our generators have seen it all, including the harshest conditions in the most critical situations, and have delivered time and time again.
8000W Elite FLT
030545_BAS_P3000_Parallel Family

Portable Generators

  • Whether it's restoring power to your home after a power outage, getting the job done in the backyard or on the job site, there is a portable generator that is right for your needs

Home Standby

  • residential standby generator systems take the worry out of a power outage - automatically
  • our entire line of home generator systems is designed to give your house the specific backup power option it needs

Inverter Generators

  • these quiet, lightweight and efficient portable generators are great to take with you when camping or tailgating to keep your laptop and cell phone charged, a crock-pot going or to power up the tunes

Comercial Standby

  • keeping the lights on and critical business applications running smoothly can be crucial if you own or run a business
  • reduce downtime and lost revenue with a commercial standby generator

Go Ahead, Get Started.

You want an engine that starts easily, lasts long and always does the job. Tough. Reliable. Innovative – and easy to maintain, like the fierce lawnmower engines we built our reputation on. The thickest grass doesn’t stand a chance.

Making the cut meant breaking the mold

At an optimum 810cc, Vanguard’s new line of commercial-grade engines establishes a new standard for professional ride-on equipment. That means a more efficient, more powerful, and, overall, more profitable commercial ride-on mower. With better air management, lower vibration, and over 100 unique durability-enhancing components, Vanguard's 810cc engines allows you to go farther, cut longer, and maximize productivity.
Stratton Engine
Vanguard 8.0
Vanguard 810cc

Centrifugal Multi-Stage Air Cleaner

  • Provides maximum protection against airborne debris entering the engine

OHV Technology

  • Optimized performance that delivers longer engine life and improved fuel economy

Cast Iron Sleeve

  • Adds integrity and durability that withstand wear and abuse while providing improved oil control

Electronic Fuel Injection System (EFI)

  • maximum fuel efficiency, superior productivity and improved engine's performance

Full Pressure Lubrication with Oil Filter

  • is similar to an automotive engine that continuously delivers oil under pressure to critical engine components for maximum lubrication and long engine life

Mechanical Governor

  • controls the engine speed to deliver more usable power under heavy usage

Stronger Forged Crankshaft and Cast Iron Camshaft

  • provides added durability

Twin Cylinders

  • V-Twin engine design provides better balance and allows for increased power

You put a lot of work into your property.

2000 MAX PSI / 3.5 MAX GPM2000 MAX PSI / 3.5 MAX GPM
Electric Pressure Washer with POWERflow + Technology
  • find the perfect combination of high pressure and high water flow needed to complete almost any outdoor cleaning project
  • with just a few clicks of the 7 in 1 nozzle switch between jobs and puts nearly unlimited cleaning potential in your hands
  • foldaway design that can be tucked away in small spaces
  • 25 ft. of flexible hose that's built to endure hard work and high pressure
2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer